How it works

How does this whole process work? It’s honestly as easy as it gets when it comes to fundraising. Our reps will work with you in understanding your needs & goals and come up with the best plan for your organization.

Remember, there are no upfront fees, costs, minimums to sell or major work to do on your behalf and you will get at least 70% of the profits on all Discount Card & Coupon Ticket Sales.

Once the plan is in place and the proper fundraising product is determined, our guys get to work.


When dealing with Discount Cards or Tickets all we look for is some guidance with your local merchants. We ask for a list of businesses you would like us to talk to and we then get started on building your fundraiser. You DO NOT have to try and solicit anything and we do not charge the businesses to be on the card.

All final products are approved by you before they get printed. We do not just show up with cards and or ship them to you without approvals.

We join your staff as your fundraising coach & handle your fundraiser from start to finish.

Once the fundraiser is ready to start we simply join your staff as your fundraising coach and handle your fundraiser from start to finish. Just like your offensive coordinator, first base coach or assistant coach would handle their area of expertise, we take care of your fundraiser because that is our area of expertise. As a coach, you wear enough hats during the season. As a parent or booster member, you also have full-time jobs. So just let The Funding Zone handle the fundraising and we will help guide you to tremendous success.