The Funding Zone is dedicated to continuously enhancing all of our fundraising products. From Discount Cards to Merchant Tickets, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We are constantly trying to update, enhance, and increase the value of our products.

When a customer chooses to support their local team’s fundraiser, they should get something of value in return and not just a one-time use hoagie the boosters would typically sell to raise money. Our discount products literally have thousands of dollars worth of value, which makes it very easy for your organization to sell and raise money. And with our Team Goal Tracker fundraising platform, you’ll be able to see your progress while easily sharing your custom link and donation page with anyone.

Team Goal Tracker

Gone are the days of door-to-door fundraising, relying on your close friends, family, and neighbors to support your cause. Completely hands free fundraiser.  Students do not have to sell anything, coaches don’t have to collect anything.  It used to take several weeks of hard work in the past to raise money for a team, now it takes 1 hour.


Discount Cards

The Funding Zone’s Discount Cards are by far the best in the country!

You’re customers will receive discounts to local merchants from a plastic credit card size discount card that fits conveniently in a wallet.

The front of the card is customized with your groups logo, photo, and/or schedule. The design is custom made just for you.

Our team branded discount cards offer 3 ways to save!

Our phone app also now makes it possible to sell to family & friends outside of your school district & community. It doesn’t matter where someone lives as they can still support your organization by purchasing a discount card from you. All they have to do is simply download the app to start saving while at the same time helping your group raise money.


The back of the card contains a list of 16 to 24 local merchants, franchises and their discount offers to use. Simple present your card at time of purchase to redeem the discount. The offers printed on the back of the card are typically valid every day for 1 Year. Merchants include restaurants, retails stores, salons, automotive services, and more. Discounts listed on the card are produced by The Funding Zone Fundraising and are good for one year. You do not have to supply the discounts for the cards as The Funding Zone does all the work.


The Discount Cards also will have up to 8 individual key tags that will detach from the main card and can be presented at time of purchase just like redeeming a coupon. They key tags are generally a 1 time use but the value of the key tags are unbelievable with offers such as Buy One, Get one Free Entrees, $5 OFF $25 deals etc. The value of the key tags alone exceeds the price the customer pays for their card.


The Funding Zones mobile app is the 3rd way to save with our discount cards! The phone app is what truly puts our discount cards on another level! Each card comes printed with a unique membership number to use to activate our phone app. Simply download The Funding Zones app from your app store or Google Play and activate it with your code. Everything from hotels & travel to restaurants, sporting goods, automotive, shopping malls can be found on the app. There are hundreds of thousands of discounts available.

Coupon Tickets

Our Coupon style Tickets provide numerous discounts to local merchants including restaurants, sporting goods, auto services, and much more. Just like the discount card, the Coupon Tickets are fully customized for your organization and The Funding Zone provides all of the offers that are printed.

The Coupon Ticket is basically exactly how it sounds. You simply rip off a coupon and present it at time of purchase to redeem your discount. There are typically anywhere from 48 to 84 coupons printed on each ticket for your organization so the value is just second to none. Each ticket easily has several hundred dollars worth of savings making it a very valuable fundraiser and easy to sell.

The concept of the coupon ticket was developed simply to offer more groups within a school the ability to fundraise. Many times a team will be restricted from selling a discount card fundraiser because someone else within the school already sells one. Well, the coupon ticket is basically the same exact concept as the discount card but since it looks different it gives other teams in the ability to also fundraise.

Ticket Images

Cookie Dough

Want a great tasting fundraising that you simply can’t say no to? It’s time to try out the Funding Zones Cookie Dough!! Cookie dough has traditionally been one of our most successful fundraising options for any organization.

Perfect for selling around the holidays it provides a great gift for anyone!

Our cookie dough comes pre-portioned and ready-to-bake. Each batch can be made in less than 15 minutes. It’s as simple as it gets and they taste better than you can imagine!

Your order will arrive student-packed so less time sorting orders on delivery day. ​


Stainless Steel Tumblers

Diamond Vortex Stainless Steel tumblers are as good as they get! Available in 20oz & 30oz fully customized for your organization.

Features a slide closure lid to seal in Temperature. Keeps drinks hot for many hours and cold for up to 12 hours. Double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel with a rubber grip at bottom to avoid spills.

When selling Tumblers your organization will receive a full brochure that will also include options to order NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA & NHL Tumblers too as well as many other products. It give yours customers the ability to help out your organization by purchasing a custom tumbler for your organization but also pick up a few extras when they buy a couple of their favorite sports teams!

Online Donation Campaigns

By now many people have seen the typical online donation platforms available but none of those options come close to what The Funding Zone offers. With our online platform we actually accomplish two main goals.


We give your organization at least 80% of the donations received.


We actually give your customers something in return for their donation and not just a thank you at the checkout page like everyone else does.

Upon checkout, the donor will receive an email link with an activation code for our phone app. So it's not just donating $50 to your organization. The customer will be able to activate the app and start saving. This is a great tool since typically online donations can come from any part of the country. Luckily our phone app is good Nationwide!!

Many other fundraising companies out there promise up to 80% and then sadly come up with excuses to why you only are going to receive 68% of the total donations. Our contract is very black & white and it clearly states 80% goes to you. Our platform in the best in the business and our payouts are even better!

The online campaign is fully customized with logos, YouTube videos, etc and can be shared on all social media outlets.